About Us

A real Chewy Mooey MOO-vement

Eric and Chava in the Kitchen at Chewy Mooey HQ

Chewy Mooey first met some real customers in November of 2014. We took the first official batch of Chewy Mooey Beef Jerky to the Gourmet Escape food festival in Margaret River to test if the public would love Chewy Mooey as much as we did.
We hired a trailer, borrowed Eric’s parents Nissan Tiida, and proceeded to drive with our precious cargo down the long 270km stretch from Perth to Margaret River. Of course, the festival-goers devoured Chewy Mooey with delight, and the jerky was sold out in moo-time!

This proved to us that the people did in fact love Chewy Mooey after all. Off the back of this success the team went to work on setting up our own professional commercial kitchen in Kenwick to make delicious jerky available to everyone.  
Chewy Mooey is now a complete business employing five full-time staff members dedicated to making the jerky you love from the best ingredients possible. Our team has been busy perfecting new flavours, products, and finding ways to get you our delicious jerky since 2014.

In 2016 we released Chewy Rooey, our tasty kangaroo jerky range. Taste our signature marinades on premium quality Kangaroo meat that will give you a true taste of the Outback. Kangaroo meat is not only low in fat and protein-rich, but it also has an excellent nutritional profile and delicious flavour.

Our meats are sourced from the leanest cuts of Australian beef and kangaroo, and our marinades are made with only the highest quality sauces and fresh vegetable purees. We’ve perfected our jerky-making process to include long marinade times of over 24hours and long dry times to ensure a softer jerky. Our lingering flavour kick will have you back for more.

With an ethos based on sustainability and supporting-Australian embedded in our jerky creation process from Eric working on the land for so long, we wanted to ensure our jerky products are in line with these beliefs. We’ve ensured Chewy Mooey is not only full of flavour, but also made with local and Australian-sourced ingredients where possible, and made without additives and nasty chemicals.

We pride ourselves on converting people that have never liked jerky into jerky-lovers. Our soft and tasty premium jerky is irresistible even to the most discerning customer. We’re proud that our Chewy Mooey plans are on track to quickly take over the jerky world, and we hope to get your jaws around our jerky very soon!  

To grab a bag of Chewy head to our shop right here and join the Chewy moo-vement.