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  • Moo Year Moo You! Protein and your recovery; why it's important

    Posted by Adam Richings

    Moo Year Moo You! Protein and your recovery; why it's important

    Moo Year Moo You!

    Or rather, New Year New You, we just thought it was too good a pun to pass up.

    With the advent of the New Year, there is no better time to get back to working out. Whatever your torture of choice, the gym, the great outdoors or even a dojo, it is important to remember that a healthy diet contributes greatly to a healthy lifestyle.

    A good workout can cause a breakdown of muscle protein and the body needs to adapt to the physiological stress. While working out, the right diet allows the body to become fitter, stronger and recover faster. Consuming food sources of protein in meals and snacks after working out can also further promote the integration of protein into your body.

    To keep metabolism running and your energy up, protein is required in our diets every day. It is used in every part of our body and is essential for building muscle mass, facilitating neurological functions and digestion.

    Lack of Protein can lead to: 

    • A sluggish metabolism
    • Slow weight loss
    • Difficulty building muscle mass
    • Low energy levels
    • Poor concentration
    • Mood swings
    • Muscle, bone and joint pain
    • Slow wound healing
    • Low immunity

    Speaking of protein, did you know Chewy Mooey is 50% protein, made from premium beef and kangaroo and using fresh, pureed vegetables in the marinade without any added sugar, preservatives or flavour? Just saying. I bet you didn't think jerky could be part of a healthy lifestyle!

    As delicious as Chewy Mooey is as a snack, it can be a challenge to eat as much of it as one would like. Here is a link for some recipes you can make with Chewy Mooey.

    Our personal favourite is the Curry Fried Rice with Beef Jerky, please let us know how your attempts turn out email us .


    Posted by Chava Whibberley


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  • It's here, it's here! Chewy Lover's Moo-thly Subscription straight to your door!

    Posted by Chava Whibberley
    You asked for it and now it's here, our Chewy Lover's Moo-thly Subscription straight to your door! 

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  • Monthly Moosletter - What's the Moos?

    Posted by Chava Whibberley

    This not displaying correctly view it online here

    Welcome to our first Moosletter edition!

    We have been wanting to deliver this little piece of Chewylicious Moos for some time now but we have been a little pre-occupied with developing new flavours and taking over the world. 

    This month we have guest blogger 
    Kristy Leigh with a match made in heaven "Chewy Mooey and Brewy", yes thats right some of Australia's best Beer paired with the best Jerky. There's a recipe for your work lunches to keep you warm this winter, our latest press article, competition and what events we will be at this month.

    We are so excited to keep you updated monthly with all of our competitions, news, recipes and events. Don't forget to add us to your address book so you wont miss a beat.

    Cheers, Chava x

    N E W S
    Did you catch the recent article on us in the Community News? Francis sat down and spoke with Eric and Chava about what we have been up to and the Good Food & Wine Show. You can read all about it here #chewymooey #commentnews #localnews
    R E C I P E S
    Wondering what else you can do with your favourite Chewy Jerkies? Co-founder of Chewy Mooey & Bite Sized Happiness food and wellness blogger Chava, has created a special Instant Beef Jerky and Kimchi Ramen Noodle Soup for your weekly lunches on the go #ohmyyum #chewymooey #recipes
    E V E N T S
    We're back at the Perth Fitness and Health Expo this month from 20th - 21st of August, sampling and selling your favorite protein snack. Save 30% off your tickets by using the code FITNESS when purchasing online. 
    Find out more about what's on here.#fitstrongnow #chewymooey
    C O M P E T I T I O N  T I M E ! ! !
    Review any of our products on our website in the month of August and instantly go in the draw to win over $100.00 of delicious Chewy Jerkies. Click on your favourite Chewy and get reviewing now!
    #wewantyourreview #chewymooey
    B L O G
    Kristy LeighPerth's proclaimed food blogger and State Pinball Champion has the ultimate pairing for you "Chewy Mooey and Brewy", check it out to find your perfect match. #kristyleigh #chewymooey